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How to Make a Silicone Mold

How to Make a Silicone Mold   (




Mark the halfway point on your molding box with a pencil or marker. Pour the batch of silicone rubber into the molding box, and stop at this halfway mark.

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    Press the model object into the silicone rubber until it is half covered and does not touch the sides of the molding box. Let this half of the mold cure, or dry, overnight or for 12 hours.

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    Mix together the rest of the silicone RTV rubber, and pour it into the molding box, covering the model object completely. Let the rubber cure overnight.

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    Take the molding box apart and separate the mold halves, removing the model object. Fit the mold halves back together and secure them with rubber bands.

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    Carve a pouring hole in the top of the mold at the joining line with a razor blade or utility knife. Cut the hole deep enough to penetrate through the rubber and reach the inside cavity.

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