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Knowledge of silicone kitchenware

Knowledge of silicone kitchenware

Silicone kitchenware is introduced into professional and home kitchens everywhere.  Instead of using stainless steel or iron kitchenware, people now would like to buy silicone kitchenware from shops or supermarket.

Why silicone kitchenware could be accepted all round the world so quickly?

Except it is colorful, there must be some other features that make silicone kitchenware more dazzling.


First, is silicone kitchenware really safe?

Many consumers will think about this question at the first contact with silicone kitchenware. I think mostly because people be used to use stainless steel, aluminum or iron kitchenware, and the silicone material seems like rubber or plastic which is not so health when in use.  

But silicone material is not similar to rubber or plastic, it is a synthetic (man-made) material created by bonding silicon with oxygen which FDA approved as a food-safe substance. It does not insert or react with food or liquids, doesn’t offgas chemical fumes.

“There are no known health hazards associated with use of silicone kitchenware”, quoted from Health Canada.


Secondly, what’s the most special feature of silicone kitchenware?

Well, refer to the special feature, there are many features that former kitchenware do not have.

Silicone kitchenware is flexible, could be fold, flat or rolled up which make it easy to store and take away.

Silicone kitchenware is heat temperature sustained. It could sustain high temperature up to 600℉, so you can take it easy to use it in the microwave oven or other tool release heat. It also could be sustain low temperature so that you can use it in fridge.

Silicone kitchenware is oil-anti, dust free, easy to clean. Think about waste a lot of time washing your stainless steel kitchenware such as pan, scoop and other cookware to eliminate oil, dirty or rust but just using little water for silicone kitchenware will make your kitchen clean and tidy, which style you will choose?   

Silicone kitchenware is durable to use, it could be used for a long time without being changed its shape so as its color. Never been yellow like some rubber material or else. .

Gain a good cook experience. Some people heat cooking, some people treat it as an art. No matter you like cook or not, if use silicone kitchenware with different bright color, easy to wash, easy to store, you will be more likely to cook in the kitchen with a happy experience.


Thirdly, how to choose a good silicone kitchenware with good silicone material?

100% silicone kitchenware is touch softly, be flexible. If you twist the silicone to check the ridges for sign of white stretching which indicates the material filled, if the color is not changed, that mean you have get one high quality silicone kitchenware now. Of course notice some silicone kitchenware manufacturer will also help you to choose better silicone kitchenware.

Get more knowledge of silicone kitchenware, and compare to other kitchenware will let you know now which type of kitchenware is most worth to buy.

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