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New!!! Silicone pen holder

Silicone pen holder / pot


We all know pen holder (pot), we all have used the pen holder (pot), some is made by plastic, some made by iron, some made by stone, some made by wooden...But I know you never used silicone pen holder (pot).


Silicone pen holder (pot) is a new type pen holder (pot) which made by silicone. As the silicone become popular, the pen holder (pot) also can become very colorful and defferent.


There are many advantage of silicone pen holder (pot) compare to tranditional pen holder (pot).



Tranditional pen holder (pot) normally are black, or grey, or something a little dull. But silicone pen holder (pot) could be with any color in it, like a rianbow if you want as the silicone could be adjust easily to be any color.



The wooden pen holder (pot) is fixed, the plastic pen holder (pot) is fixed, the iron pen holder (pot) is fixed too, when you fall it down, it will be easily broken.

But silicone pen holder (pot) is flexible, with soft touch feeling, you can used it as an toll for children.



Every material of  pen holder (pot) can not be avoid be broken from falling down. but silicone pen holder (pot) can sustain it. As it is silicone pen holder (pot), it can sustain hot and cold, as well as high pressure which ensure the silicone pen holder (pot) is very durable.


With colorful, flexible and durable, as well as 100% safe, it 's an best pen holder (pot) for your children.

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